Melek selfportrait

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Selfportrait by Melek


Listener, write below a summary of this selfportrait which explains to the group what excitement & fears this person brings to the group:

fears:losing power or control, losing inspirations

excited: new ideas pushing the boundaries , diving, constant seek , opportunities to explore

My name is Melek

  • I'm excited by bringing innovative and creative ideas to life, reading about philosophy and psychology.
  • Something I'm scared of is not discovering what my real passion is, losing my inspiration/momentum/motivation and enduring a long artist block.
  • When in a group, I need/value respect and passion/ambition
  • To ensure my needs are met, I will... check in with myself and express my feelings in a straightforward manner.
  • I would find it helpful if others in the group would be willing to... collaborate and express their wants and needs directly.