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Welcome to the wiki of the Piet Zwart Media Design Master.
This wiki reflects the day to day workings of the course and is dynamic and Construction.gif in-process.
For a more stable view of the course visit the Media Design website at or check how to apply to the Lens Based or Experimental Publishing programs.

Pointer.gif Calendar
Students - past & present, and links to work
Helpdesk - How to, where to, ... - answers

Links for first year students
-----> xpub <-----
Special Issue#10 - LFP
methods xpub
Past Special Issues
Xpub sites
File:Student expense claim XPUB PD FUND 2019.pdf -----> Lens-based <-----
methods lens-based
Thematic A Focal Camera
Thematic History & practice of the photo-essay &...
Thematic Do-It-Yourself Film
Thematic Concept and Practice of VR Filmmaking
Lens-Based Core Booklist
Photography Stores & Other Resources
Help:Graduation_work Bug.gif

Links for second year students
Graduate Seminar 2019-2020
Prototyping_2 Xpub
File:Student expense claim LB PD FUND 2019.pdf

Links for all Lens-Based students
Open Calls
EYE Researchlabs
Practice Based Research Focus Group
Group Crit Schedule

Modules Archive
Graduation work
Thematic Projects
Focus Groups
Group Crits
Reading, Writing & Research Methodologies
EYE Researchlabs Archive

EtherPad list - collective notes
bootleg library
Course Archive
Cookbook - tasty code recipes
Helpdesk - how to: eduroam, printers, JSTOR, etc
The Cabinet - Resources for essay writing
Material at WdKA Rental
AV Equipment
Archive Protocol - How to archive work
XPPLunch - Lunch sharing
Amazing Studio Makeover (LB)