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The sandbox + sandbot installs of jupyter are documented in the following git repo:


In sum, we have found that running 10-12 independent jupyters per user was much more stable and less demanding than the TLDH install.

HTML view

In terms of loosening security (useful for local web testing via the jupyter tabs)...

"CORS" errors on ajax calls:

 c.NotebookApp.allow_origin = '*'

First version (not active anymore)

We have an installation based on TLDH

At the moment the install is https://notebook.xpub.nl/

It was installed on a VPS on OVH following these instructions

In the end used "lab" and not "jupyterlab" for the user_environment setting.

Installed the git extension with:

 sudo -E conda install jupyterlab-git -c conda-forge

But maybe considering uninstalling this... it's not super well integrated ... pulling changes leaves the notebook in a weird detached state -- need to close and reopen notebooks to see changes. Also the constand polling of the git interface is disturbing...

nbgitpuller link generator: https://jupyterhub.github.io/nbgitpuller/link?hub=https://notebook.xpub.nl


OK this seems to work, and each time you click on the link it pulls the repo -- merging if necessary! (important for people to realize if they make changes to be sure they want to merge when clicking)