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:narrativity of image, affect evoked by memory, aesthetics as bond (between the self and others)
:narrativity of image, affect evoked by memory, aesthetics as bond (between the self and others)
= References
= References =

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Final: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17f8B3_IX4SmDIgM4GAb3n6-JAGGVsB6zSEMUwA72DLw/edit#

Older drafts: jujube/thesis-drafts


I have been in search of form, just like I have been in search of home. [In the process I have realized] what was once topical and typological have given way to the existential and spiritual.







memory-image, exile, diaspora, loss


grief, self-understanding, longing, loneliness, care, ritual


narrativity of image, affect evoked by memory, aesthetics as bond (between the self and others)



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