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Met Nicole on 10/02 and discussed about the best project/format for the presentation. I proposed a presentation of Fold and of my new project 452 Park Place (working title). I'd never presented Fold in the framework of the performance installation — but it was, after all, a finished piece of work. Nicole found my new project more interesting and perhaps could reap more benefits from the setup of the presentation. I felt the same way.

I have a feeling that talking about this piece of work and performing the first part would be a largely emotional experience. (I would probably feel the same degree of vulnerability as I did during Art Amsterdam). It is a source of discomfort, a space I am unlikely to enter without the construct (of the gallery, performance, art "enthusiasts".)


The decision (from her editorial direction and my own pervious thinking) came to this:

  • forgo the presentation of Fold
  • lead with the performance that evoke of the loss of home
  • tell the audience about the project and its context
  • ask the audience to draw something that reminds them of their home, however they define it

Next to finish thinking:

  • meet Nicole at 2pm, 13/02 @ Garage (to see the space)
  • decide on the components of the performance (which space, is there any visual)
  • what is my pitch after the performance? How do I keep a genuine tone while withholding the intimacy?
  • what props do i bring for the drawing exercise?
  • what after?

old idea re: Fold-->

Live feed with camera and projector


  • AC power for camera
  • mini HDMI to HDMI adapter
  • 15m standard HDMI cable