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n. craftsmanship

"People can come have a coffee and see her work... It works in Amsterdam or Haarlem, but not here."

the inklings

"She's fucking tired."

"I think you need anger to do that."

"That's a place where gentrification worked. Gentrification will never work here."

"I hate the word jazz."

"I like Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, because it has Ambacht in it."

the intrigues

  • learning about a new place through people (other rationales can come later)
  • medium: video/speech
  • content of speech will reflect the nuances
  • cultural interest: "anger", "Dutch directness"

the reading/seeing

type "(video) portrait" in the search box...

reminded of

the making (plan)

  1. pre-shooting
    1. write questions, see below
    2. communicate, consent, coordinate
    3. gather equipments
  2. shooting
    1. location/ambience
    2. how many camera angles?
    3. capture sound
  3. editing
    1. soundbits
    2. relating to 2.2


contextual + direct

  • What are some of your favorite performances hosted here?
  • When did you move here... from where? (& why?)
  • Why do you think you need anger to do this?
  • Do you think other people are angry?

learning about recording audio on site

"Audio in a documentary is a key piece of footage."

DSLR built-in mics are not meant for audio production. Keep the mic on for reference audio. Turn off the Auto Gain Control.

Shotgun mic on camera serves as good reference.

External mic: lavalier v. boom v. handheld

Alternative to External mic setup: iPhone + Pro Audio To Go + Cable adapter (with headphone jack and an XLR jack)

File formats: AIFF or WAV (not a compressed format like MP3)

Relevant equipments from rental: - Røde NTG-2 - Marantz PMC661