Joana's Set Up

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Structure for the Performance

▪ One projection;

3 walls or curtains/ canvas - the beamer will rotate and be displayed in 3 positions;

▪ A computer and Me in the center.

▪ The audience sits/ lays around, in an informal setting.

▪ Sound: my voice; background noise and silence.

▪ Dark Room.

▪ Print-out with the line-up of the performance;

p.s. remove sleeping mode of the computer/ and url tab;


▪ One beamer;

▪ One microphone with tripod;

▪ Speakers;

▪ One laptop or my personal computer (if it survives);

▪ Dia Projector screen;

▪ Projector trolley;

▪ Small table and lamp (I can provide).


Friday (Opening) -* 20:00 performance: Joana Chicau, and every other day at 16h, or by appointment.

Jochicau 1.JPG

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 20.34.07.png

Jochicau schemaV2.png

Structure - when there is no performance happening

▪ One computer showing documentation and research material ( - "glossary" );

▪ Print-out with schedule of the performance + link with website/ research;

▪ Sound: on headphones;

▪ This could be placed in the centre of the room, in the same space where I would be during the performance.


▪ One big computer + mouse;

▪ Pedestal;

▪ Headphones;

▪ Projector (with count down);

((((( keep ambience (still some darkness, and maybe keep the lamp on in the performance setting) ))))

p.s. turn computer monkey proof; local files?