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Hello everyone! Welcome to Cuckoo's screening lounge2020! Even though we are in different physical locations but we can still have a jam session virtually. −


Film work and thoughts are super welcome!

Time: Friday night 5/6 2020 (TBC) Zoom meeting + video link share and Watch with popcorn + Have a chat with beer! (TBC)

If anyone interesting please fill out the list below. Ex: Name_ name of the film(or project,or just put "I have something to say")_duration

  • 1. Yu-Ching_Mrs. Day's twenty minutes_20 mins
  • 2. Jelle_Bella In The Whych Elm_10 min
  • 3. Thy_Vertical #workingtitle_ ~5mins
  • 4. Jue_the day everything is broken_ ~3min