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HUB nodes


If you still need to install Tinc follow the instructions in the page Tinc


HUB or https://hub.xpub.nl is a VPN wonder to gazillions XPUB things.

You will need to:

  • 0. Determine IP address of a new thing (see below)
  • 1. Add a new thing (see below)
  • 2. Ask user to give you preferred username & a new ssh pubkey (see below)
  • 3. Add a new jump user (see below)
  • 3. Jump user connects to his machine (see below)

Adding a new thing

See XPUB_HUB_New_Nodes

OLD: to remove

Only gnd or a should do that. Also we will only add things that can only be ssh'ed via keys, no passwd logins plz.

  • On xvm:
tinc -n hub invite ${NODE_NAME}
  • On ${NODE_NAME}:

Generating a ssh pubkey for the jump user

This should be done by the users themselves. This only applies to linux-like OS's. Users should be made aware what ssh keys are.

This generates a new key with a default name, so if the user already has an existing key, they should name it differently, so the existing one is not overwritten. The key should be protected by a passphrase.

ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -b 320 

Once the key is generated, we will need the public key (pubkey). Usually it would be a file called id_ed25519.pub located in ~/.ssh. Just cat the file and send us the contents.
♥♥♥ Please be aware there is also a file called id_ed25519. This is the private key. Dont ever send or disclose the private key ! ♥♥♥

cat ~/.ssh/id_ed25519.pub

You can also send id_ed25519.pub as an attachment. If you named your key differently, it will be a file called $NAME.pub

Adding a jump user on XVM

There is a script called add_jumpuser. It adds a new user on XVM, that is only allowed to ssh into the remote machine. You will need:

  • Username for the user
  • IP of the machine (see below for allocation)
  • ED25519 pubkey from the user

Once you have all of this, just run on XVM (note the single quotes around the ssh pubkey):

/root/scripts/add_jumpuser.sh USERNAME IP 'PUBKEY'

/root/scripts/add_jumpuser.sh lol 'ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIE29EOVCl0/WjknAoEEEZSPUyCWQKNoXX2HCC123456 some1@host'

When removing the user on XVM:

  • userdel -r USERNAME
  • remove USERNAME from AllowUsers in sshd_config
  • restart sshd

IP allocation

  • 1-9: XPUB main servers
  • 10-99: shared machines used by the whole course (for admin or lessons or multi-user projects/libraries/etc)
  • 100-254: personal and/or grad projects machines
Subnet       Node             ???
------       ----             ---     xvm              XPUB server, tincd overlord, destroyer of pads    skattkista       Borg Central    sandbox          xpub2 sandbox (2019-2021)    sandbot          xpub1 sandbox (2020-2022)   wizardcity       Aymeric   screaming        Angeliki (student 2017-2019)   warnet           Tash (student 2017-2019)  - offline
10.0.0.???   food             Alice -- misconfigured, lost in ether   bootleglib       Simon (student 2018-2020)   systers          Artemis (student 2018-2020)   watermark        Pedro (student 2018-2020)   ilinx            Tancredi (student 2018-2020)   repeater         Biyi (student 2018-2020)   netcare          Rita (student 2018-2020)   cartographies    Paloma (student 2018-2020)   loopdeloop       Steve (xpub staff)

How to SSH to HUB nodes

On the user's personal machine (where the public key was generated) just:

ssh -J xpub.nl:2501 $IP

If for any reason it doesnt work, please send us the output of:

ssh -J xpub.nl:2501 $IP -vvv


Here is a ssh configuration which should allow you to ssh easily from your local machine to one of the Hub nodes

using only:

ssh hub.nodename

By adding to ~/.ssh/config the following configuration, and changing with the correct details:

Host hub.nodename 
User username
Hostname  10.0.0.XXX
ProxyJump username@xpub.nl:2501
Identityfile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
Serveraliveinterval 30


  • nodename: is the name you would like to give this node of hub.
  • XXX: termination if node's IP
  • username: your username in the Pi and Xpub server (should be the same)
  • ~/.ssh/id_rsa location of the private keys