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Black mirror

=== White bear ===

In the entrance of the "justice park", it says: "white bear" transmitter - authorized people only.

sovereign society: -techniques of punishment as well - people are crucified.

control society:

-loop: short term; repeated; continuous / "perpetual training" - Deleuze.

-societies of control published in a magazine called October, the same month as the action is being performed.

-main caracter is encoded; her identity is her punishment; digitization she is programmed. Personal information is digitized, and controlled- humans converted into data - "deformable and transformable", as Delezeuze mentions. This is a new era in which humans belong to a wireless data system - invisible network that tides people together, converting them to code, to distribute through data transmission devices. Codification of space & time. A world made of software & hardware.

-people watching as technologic zombies (group of people combined into or acting as one body - one unique corpus - Deleuze) - consumers are the producers.

-Deleuze emphasizes the fact that societies of control no more rely on confined spaces; as in the film, the whole city is part of this setting, and helps to create this scenario.

-new technologic apparatus brought new ways of structuring human activity: a society of continuous control.

-society of spectacle not anymore applies, we are also a society of performance (performing media). Deleuze refers to the "socio-technological mechanisms of control" in which human are supposed to perform their actions.

disciplinary society:

-the rules are set:

1 -no talking; 2 -keep your distance (don't forget she is danger) - 3 meters at least - you can use the zoom in your cameras ; 3 -enjoy yourselves and lets make this show happen!

-"everyone has got witnesses", just like in panopticanism, disciplinary society itself functions as one looking at all. Definition of mass behavior = "universal recognized behavior/agreement" .

-everyone in the neighborhood recording > mere spectators / cant intervene / just watch in the local and record at the same time. In Foucault "the perfect disciplinary apparatus would make it possible for a single gaze to see everything constantly".

-things = people; just like Foucault mentioned: "Subjects" turned into "Objects".

-script of the movie within the movie built on repetition (main character actions presented in loop): Foucault says, "Punish is to exercise"; repetition and insistence is required to best accomplish the corrective goal.

The Waldo moment