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Black mirror

White bear

In the entrance of the "justice park", it says: "white bear" transmitter - authorized people only.

sovereign society:

-techniques of punishment: for example, in the movie people are shown to have been crucified in the woods..

disciplinary society:

-the rules are set:

1 -no talking; 2 -keep your distance (don't forget she is danger) - three meters at least - you can use the zoom in your cameras; 3 -enjoy yourselves and lets make this show happen!

-"everyone has got witnesses", just like in panopticanism, disciplinary society itself functions as one looking at all. Mass behavior = "universal recognized behavior/agreement" .

-everyone in the neighborhood recording > mere spectators / cant intervene / just watch in the local and record at the same time. In Foucault "the perfect disciplinary apparatus would make it possible for a single gaze to see everything constantly".

-things = people; just like Foucault mentioned: "Subjects" turned into "Objects".

-script of the movie within the movie built on repetition (main character actions presented in loop): Foucault says, "Punish is to exercise"; repetition and insistence is required to best accomplish the corrective goal.

control society:

-loop: short term; repeated; continuous / "perpetual training" - Deleuze. "Control is a short-term and of rapid rates of turnover, but also continuous and without limit, while discipline was of long duration, infinite and discontinuous."

-societies of control published in a magazine called October, the same month as the action is being performed.

-main caracter is encoded; her identity is her punishment; digitization she is programmed. Personal information is digitized, and controlled- humans converted into data - "deformable and transformable", as Delezeuze mentions. This is a new era in which humans belong to a wireless data system - invisible network that tides people together, converting them to code, to distribute through data transmission devices. Codification of space & time. A world made of software & hardware.

-people watching as technologic zombies (group of people combined into or acting as one body - one unique corpus - Deleuze) - consumers are the producers.

-Deleuze emphasizes the fact that societies of control no more rely on confined spaces; as in the film, the whole city is part of this setting, and helps to create this scenario.

-new technologic apparatus brought new ways of structuring human activity: a society of continuous control.

-society of spectacle not anymore applies, we are also a society of performance (performing media). Deleuze refers to the "socio-technological mechanisms of control" in which human are supposed to perform their actions.

The Waldo moment

a movie about the corporative image. Power > produces reality > the truth. Questioning authority.

control society:

-Politics as entertainment. "if the main opposition is the Waldo, he makes the system look absurd. Then Waldo is a necessary illusion" - says the politician.

-" Waldo - perfect political figure. No personal flaws. Constructed. Works as a team. Perfect assassin. No substantial basis, you can win. Franchise. Branding. Global political entertainment product." Waldo as an independent candidate, destroy opposition easily. Export him all over the world- international / global domination. There's no content in itself- digital body.

-Production of capitalism, ruled by marketing strategies - our "new soul", as Deleuze names it. Money once regarded as "blocks of gold", now an unstable medium used as a measure of its value on the market. fluid and constantly in motion according to rates established by standard currencies.

-Technological evolution turned the old factory machines into a computerized system : "the societies of control operate with machines of a third type, computers, whose passive danger is jamming and whose active one is piracy and the introduction of viruses.", as Deleuze states. Corporations no longer focus on selling products, but on selling services and buying stocks, feeding the never-ending "HIGHER-order".

-"liberating and enslaving"- Deleuze.

- representation to performance ("socio-technological mechanisms of control- Deleuze" in which human are supposed to perform their actions). Tv circumnavigated by other media. - eg.: youtube and twitter. shifting owner from a broadcast to other networkmedia. which is the parasite of which - old media (tv, radio..) or new media (social networks) > -news = twitter!

-violence happens when someone tries to destruct the circuit. machine turns the one to be protected.


- "Do you know who I am? I can't remember." / "Please help me." / "What's going with did people? Why aren't they helping me?"

- "No party affiliation, not even a surname - Waldo. Official mascot. Dangerous? Any political point?"

In both movies personalities / characters are constructed/ personal identities constantly questioned