EYE Researchlab 2021

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EYE Researchlab 2021

Everybody has 3 minutes (some use 2 or 2,5 others use 4 minutes) to show a video or photo slide show. We have one hour in totall for 20 students of LB1 and LB2.

We have to come up with a title, a text and photo's ASAP. We have decided to do this in online cooperation and with some help of AI mixture.

TITLE OPTIONS DEADLINE: 22:00u on Thursday

- Tentacular Thinkering

- Everything breaks

- we fancy our chances

- for now

- We didn't (k)now

- Today with the window open

- Twenty open windows

- Sitting, drinking water

- It came with the wind and fell out of my eyes

- Planetary pacing

TEXT250 words Everybody writes 12 words per person DEADLINE: 22:00u on Thursday

List: 1. Martin

2. Jelle

3. Shannon ===== Desire, domination, drama, applause, cameras, flashing, moaning, laughing

4. Elysa ---- Overwhelmingly vast, and incredibly small. A Planck star is not stable.

5 . Geo

6. Tessel - Open Dash AirCrisp Compact Air Fryer Instruction Manual for full details

7. Ariela .... Use mistake in a sentence as a verb or a noun

8. Rafael

9. anh

10. sylvie

11. Yu Ching ====Tick Tock! We Are Everywhere And Nowhere All At The Same Time====

12. Kamali ———— I don't have a love language, I have a headache

13. Adèle

14. Chen ====what in a body is beyond the computational, beyond representation and logic ====

15. Sacha

16. Marusa

17. Jacob


19. Annalisa ———— I don't wanna dream of you, it doesn't seem fair

20. Dachen ==== They wandered, and encountering specters haunting the depths of history...

AI REMIX by Martin en Geo..............................................?

IMAGES 5 images DEADLINE: 22:00u on Thursday

- Mesh up?

- Gifs: images dissolving in eachother

- Montage in one single image

- Grid: 200X200 pixels/tile?

Place your image below Send copy to Adele: adele.gregoire@insas.be Image size: what you what, only one picture!


Other deadlines: Saturday morning: check in on wiki and vote by plcaing your name behind a title and a text

Sunday: send final result to Barend (Tessel will do this)