Compass video calling device(2021)

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Compass video calling device(2021)
Creator Yu-Ching Chiang
Year 2021
Bio I am a cross-disciplinary individual who is constantly seeking for innovation in environmental and people-engaging design. As a professional practitioner, I have been designing many practical and conceptual projects for ten years. I also conduct my own practices for exploring new possibilities of space by diverse approaches such as mixed media, spatial art, installation, and photography.
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The project is a series of experiments in search of (un)mediated particularities of communicative space in video chat.

The exhibition will be three installations alongside my thesis presentation in whether paper form or digital. In terms of installation, Compass Video Calling Device is two hand-held devices that audiences are invited to interact with others, they only can see each other when they face each other. The second installation is a Shared Table, an installation to contextualize the action of video chat which encourages people to encounter random or friends in a place I call Shared Table. A table is cut in half, one is situated in the indoor space while the other half sits outside the V2. A sleeping mattress will be placed alongside my still image work-Sleeping Together. The work questions the physicality, unification, virtualization of space we intimately shared.