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current thoughts with the project


why in terms of the nonlinearity?

what is a prophecy?

it is a piece of future found in the past.


-i have to get in touch with the eye in order learn if i can shoot at the venue.


can i shoot when there is a screening when the seats are full? (i think this is a definite “no” but still) or with an audience i’ll bring? if still no, at least some actors/actresses? can i use the projection while filming? (do they have a projector with true black projection?) ….more questions to come perhaps….

-i can use some frames of other people’s work if they are okay with it. (it might be like a flash of images, or something shown on the screen)

-it can portray a scene from each movie, in its own way.

-if felix wants it can have a message at some point “the projection is heating up” or sth like that. (but it might be also considered as revealing the illusion beforehand? i think it depends on two factors: the time in between and how quickly you’ll reveal the illusion in your work. your call felix.)

-it can be supported by a live performance.

-can i use a HOLOGRAM PLEASE GOD YES! in terms of the hologram, it reminds me what the PHANTASMAGORIA charlatans were doing back in the days, claiming they are getting in touch with the dead. even the most rational people believed that. today would you be fooled? are we still stupid? lol jk but it can still have an element of surprise and would extend the medium of the work, which could be fun.

-in terms of extending the medium, if it can show true black, maybe the film can and with a person appearing on the stage.

-it can be a prophetic work, in terms knowing and showing what is going to happen. but in which timeline? through the screening only? something more than that?

-> if the answer to my questions above will be a big NEE, i can do something about the theme of prophecy.