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* Avital:  
* Avital: [https://pzwiki.wdka.nl/mw-mediadesign/images/5/56/Avital_Barkai_thesis_compressed.pdf Writing Cure]
* Anna:
* Anna:
* Mika: [https://pzwiki.wdka.nl/mw-mediadesign/images/2/2c/Mika_Motskobili_Lever_Burns_-.pdf Lever Burns]
* Mika: [https://pzwiki.wdka.nl/mw-mediadesign/images/2/2c/Mika_Motskobili_Lever_Burns_-.pdf Lever Burns]

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Deadline Thesis XPUB2 LB2 - including links to the PZI LB and XPUB student archive

  • EVERYONE should upload, a high-res printable pdf and a compressed low-res version to the archive.
  • EVERYONE uploads a low-res copy to the wiki (right here, below)
  • -Students based in Rotterdam should deliver hard copies -- and can pass them to Leslie this week as she'll be in today, Thursday 22.

[Those in other parts of Holland and venturing to Rotterdam can let Leslie know when they can deliver their hardcopies.]

  • XPUB student archive - GRS final theses

Please add a link to a low-res version of your thesis here:


  • Muxingye Chen:
  • Thy:
  • Jacob:
  • Annalisa: Unpack my heart
  • Elysa:
  • Fileona:
  • Yu-ching:
  • Anh:
  • Kamali:
  • Jelle:
  • Lea: