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LB diploma choices, please fill in how you would like to receive your diploma

  • Option 1: sign your diploma at the WdKA on either the 16 - 17 of July, a reservation system will be built for those 2-days only.
  • 1. Jue
  • 2. Mia
  • 3. Marieke
  • 4. Andreas
  • 5. Sonia (only available on 16th)
  • 6. Ana
  • 7. Felix
  • Option 2: have your diploma's sent to you via the post - this process most likely to start in August. since the building is closed in the summer. [in this process you are sent a copy of the diploma for you to sign, you then need to send it back to the WDKA and they will make the official diploma, transcript, and supplement and send it back to you.]
  • 1.
  • 2.
  • Option 3: prefer to pick up my diploma at school in September.
  • 1. Cem
  • 2. Susanna