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Yuching – Natasha  
Yuching – Natasha (tutor: Steve)
Chen – Natasha (tutor: Steve)
Chen – Natasha (tutor: Steve)

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Deadline second thesis draft to 2nd reader XPUB2 LB2


2nd readers list


Yuching – Natasha (tutor: Steve)

Chen – Natasha (tutor: Steve)

Jelle – Ine (tutor:Steve)

Annalisa – Simon (tutor: Natasha)

Jacob – Simon (tutor: Natasha)

Lea – Barend (tutor: Natasha)

Thy – Rossella (tutor: Natasha)

Fileona – David (tutor: Natasha)


Anna - Aymeric (tutor: Marloes)

Clara - Steve (tutor: Marloes)

Sandra - Steve (tutor: Marloes)

Mika - Manetta (tutor: Marloes)

Mark - Aymeric (tutor: Marloes)

Avital - Michael (tutor: Marloes)

Damla - Manetta (tutor: Marloes)

Tisa - Marloes (tutor: Steve)

Ioana - Marloes (tutor: Steve)

Max - Michael (tutor: Steve)