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Public discussion about personal collecting and media archiving

5 July 2012, 2 PM, TENT

Monoskop Library is a new public resource for history of media culture. The online archive includes experimental films, video art, electroacoustic music, computer art, graphics, prints, as well as numerous publications covering media arts and culture from their pre-history up until the last decade. It primarily focuses on the works, which – despite their historical significance – are not part of the art historical canon, many being destined to be kept out of wide reach for years to come. The public launch of Monoskop library will be followed by discussion about personal collecting, media archiving, and collaborative production of art history, together with invited guests Annet Dekker, Darko Fritz, Florian Cramer, and Sandra Fauconnier.

Facilitated by User:Dusan Barok, with the support from the Piet Zwart Institute and TENT.