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LB2 equipment list:




Felix: I need to pick up stuff from the studio but no needs from the rental right now.

Jue: I'm in Rotterdam. I would appreciate having the following from the rental: 1) Zoom H6 recorder 2) Canon 5D 3) Photo tripod. From the studio, I would like to have the MAC if at all possible. If not, can I check out an iMAC so that I can edit my film? (PS. I'd also like to visit my plants. They need human care!)



Mia: In Slovenia until at least June 1st (depending on WdKA closure). No need of rental equipment. Could ask someone to pick sth up from the studio.

Sonia: No rental needs. I might want to pick up more stuff from the studio if uni closure extends beyond 1 June. And, I'm in NL.