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Part of this assessment is our visit to the Zeeuws Museum (Middelburg). There we visited the show 'Tasten in het Duister'. Starting point of the show is the discovery of a lost painting by Reymerswale. Then a group of artists is being ask to use this painting as a starting point for an own work that reflects or responds to this painting.

Our assignment is to look for an art work or an object and reflect/respond on that in the same way as has happened in the show 'Tasten in het Duister'.


For this assessment I choose the stamp of Beatrix, the former queen of Holland, designed by Peter Struycken. The image is beautifully made out of little dots. Together they form a portrait of Beatrix. My idea is to use this stamp as inspiration for my own stamp. Foundation for my own stamp is a self-portrait I took a few years ago; the image is turned into a pixelate version resembling the Beatrix-stamp. A future idea is to investigate in which extend my stamp can replace the Beatrix-stamp. Tot test this I want to send myself letters with my own stamp and see how many of them return. Based on the total amount of returns I can calculate a percentage. This percentage is the hit-ratio. Based on this future projects can be formed/invented.

There are 3 possible outcomes:

  • None of the letters return - they are filtered out by the postal service as being false.
  • All of the letters return - 2 options arise:
  1. The letters are not detected as being false.
  2. The letters are detected as being false - a penalty is added to the letter.
  • A percentage of letters return, others are lost/filtered out. Again 2 options:
  1. The returned letters are not detected as being false. Others are and filtered out or lost.
  2. The returned letters are detected as being false - a penalty is added to the letter. The rest is filter out or lost.

Bea- Benjaminl.jpg Stamp-analog-benjaminl.jpg Print1-benjaminl.jpg