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INTERVIEW FOR AN UPCOMING EXHIBITION Sophie: So what work are you making? Víctor: well the project its called ornapuncher, as you know it’s mostly related with the idea of represent architectural elements and how they engage with the own architecture of the space, like melting the art into the art space. What I was planning to do is work with a serie of plaster ornamental casts that I have been done from different architectural elements: a column, an arch and rosette. The idea is divide the project in two kind of displays with the same pieces. S: Which kind of displays Víctor? V: Well, taking advantage of the super high ceilings of the space and the big and white and clean walls I would like to divide the space in order to create more “wall surface”, maybe placing more walls in the middle, and the idea then is make compositions along this walls with the plaster ornamental motifs. Let’s say for example at the begin there could be a line made with 20 plaster cast of the column ornament, making a straight line in the top of the wall whete it joins the ceiling…but then in the next space they will be in the bottom of the wall almost touching the floor and, who knows, maybe upside down. But the idea is be playing and making different compositions through all the exhibition space. Indeed because this plaster ornaments are white their presence in the space it’s going to be so subtle. S: And this is only one part of the work right? V: Yeah, exactly. Because this three different ornaments are going to be distributed in all the space but also each of them is going to have its own sculptural display outside the wall. I am going to put three different metal structure. It’s the same plaster thing but instead been fixed in to the wall in this structures they are going to be hanged in this display structures. This structures are also going to be spread along the space. One for the columns, one for the arch and one for the rossettes. S: How are you going to make it? V: The display structures are going to come done from my studio. And all the plaster displays in to the wall are going to be installed by our high qualified technicians. I am planning to come with a map of the space and some sketches of the different combinations and then they just have to install them in a really mechanical way. Pim pim pim pim. S: Are this display structures done specifically for this exhibition or are some structures that you have used before? V: It’s going to be specifically for the project. S: Can you talk about how this structures are made / how they look? V: Yeah, they are inspired in minimal sculptures in the sense that they are all made with straight angles and really geometrical shapes. And this ideas are mixed with the commercial aesthetic of some intense. The idea, in a symbolic way, is offer the pieces to the people to take them and make compositions with them. S: Is it then an interactive piece? V: Definitely not, unless they buy the piece. For me it’s just about set the game. S: Is it going to be any text that reveal this ideas? V: I guess that there it’s going to be some kind of exhibition sheet but I am not going to take care of that, I think it is in your side  S: Do you want us to take care of inform them? V: Through this kind of game what I am try to think about the art as something that could engage in the reality or the institution in a longer term, not only like something temporal, that you hang and then remove to put a new thing. S: Does each piece have its own title? V: No, all the project is called ORNAPUNCHER and then I take the strategy of a company to name the different kind of ornaments as if they were model that we offer in a catalogue, like model: OP0123. Mirroring this consume and commercial thing. Offering also in the catalogue like different sizes, or colours or materials. S: Cools, sounds good. I think I have done all the question of the thing.