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Secret name

My dear Arina, i am writing to you because of the two important reasons, first one is i terribly miss you and love you dearly and second one is that i am sending you the gift i would like to tell you a bit about. This gift is not a regular, but of a magical nature. It comes from the Land of Randomness and Chance, place where things meet each other from the distance, where things fly and jump and rumble without any particular reasons, they change colors, they melt and become solid, land where one thing and another are together and separate at the same time, they just appear and disappear always finding new friends, new territories and new forms. Often, this land exists and does not and you never know when and where to find it, except the moments when you dont think about it, the moments when you stand still or moving, the moments when you are doing something or not, when crying or smiling. This land is not far away, and full of wonderful things that you yourself can imagine. One of this things i found there i could not imagine myself, but when i saw it and touched it, i understood something very important that i cannot tell you or myself about and can only feel it, keeping it dearly inside. This thing has a secret name, the one only you know, call it by its name and its gonna reveal itself, but dont tell this name to anyone, its a secret name, remember?

Dont forget the spell, the magic words that you have to say every time you open it:

with wind and warming patience

i am becoming what you wish me be

with open softened heart and slower time to travel

i am revealing secrets which are free

when time is faster than the clocking arrow

i will deliver you as fastup to the lands

where time is something random, slightly funny

where time is slower ormay forever last

Love you, Timur