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   Rap video. Butterfly symbol for forms of escapism to a better place. The rapper - director of the film. The narrative is created for a rapper... ASAP rocky directed it as well as performing within it.

TEXT:The Classical Language of Arhitecture -

   compilation of talk that the authors gives. 
   The essentials of classicism - some are built in classical style, some are not.  Arhitecture as a language - at the core.
   Selected - elements part of a language of classical style. What are the classical elements? The text talks about these things. Antiquity as a           languge. How to transform an element. 

Victor says something like this: compilation of talks, "I must assume some general knowledge.... classical building... it is not.... [they are] classical... [they] are not." Seeing and describing classical architecture and elements which define them - an architectural language. How aesthetic knowledge contains ideas of what is classic. You know that some buildings belong to certain heritage. We look at this fragment - there is a theme - language of classics, grammar of antiquity. A visual object has language also, this is interesting for me.

ARTWORK: exhibition - car as suport for the paintings - painted hood - grim reaper, 1xillustrations on the walls. V is delighted, bc all 3 things showed are based on aestehtics - daily life. Ritual - butterflies, freedom -that askes for an effort from the viewer to suspend disbelief. Text - ornamental but every day - create a discourse.

   C: what happends to function when position in a gallery? Like the car in a gallery becoming functionless and ornamental element? V: moving the focus to aestethic field.  The car is a surface that works - a material. 
   text related to the project. Video+exhibition reflect interest.
   C2: The image we wish to project - gangter over aesteticised, car - boy racer.
   C3: Western imaginary? V: influenced chrtistian symbolism, but also pagan influences. 
   C4: Gritty aestehtic. 'scott campbell - crown victorious´ the surface of the car... the work is integrated.  The aesthetic of the work and daily life are combine... in a ritual sense, symbols of freedom, putting a chrome layer [on the butterfly wings] using an example of something like this for [the audience] to understand the value - or how you can relate to it. This [object : car] is a surface to use, to create a discourse. 'Western imagery' ... [the artist] put the car in the gallery like a material, without functional purpose, an aesthetic medium.  Influences from pagan / christian ? (in a graphic sense??? - no, more of a strategy of how to use an image - or test what an image can do) there is not conscious use of many of these symbols, they have become decorative. In this case they are in a contemporary context. Using certain things as a starting point for a project (which takes one element)