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ophie V

a piece of media (YouTube clip, film, TV show)

a text you are reading which has a useful relation to your work

1) presenter: describe, in your own words, what the text (s) you are reading are about.

2) note takers: make notes on the pad of what your peer is saying. note takers, ask: 3) Why this text is of interest to you? 4) What is its relation to your self directed research?

a work of art (by another) which delights or infuriates you

5) How can you translate the questions these texts raise action ?

hamster pretends to get shot then pretends to die her favorite youtube video there is no other reason than youtube as place for "stupid animal videos" faking utility and faking action sculptures nearing form of trap no idea how to teach hamster to play dead first video of animal playing dead, now there are thousands "hamster is a baby"

GEORG SIMMEL text on the handle reading cabinet about containers - jug and vessel then reference to Simmel's text on the handle. first is historical shape of handles and their many forms how form mutated and how its connected to use and the body on one hand - utilitarian aspect - on other - the decorative jug with tiger handle, relates to movement / use / purpose of jug through decorative motif. focus on random and banal objects. and reading essay on that - - - - -- - -- - - -- - - -- -- - -- -- - -- -- -- -- ---

painting of soup sophies favorite work of art formally - and because of description of human hunger and heat and eating and bodily love the meatballs heat is always implied relates to studio practice: searching for heat descriptive relation to body

    ."".    ."",
    |  |   /  /
    |  |  /  /
    |  | /  /
    |  |/  ;-._ 
    }  ` _/  / ;
    |  /` ) /  /
    | /  /_/\_/\
    |/  /      |
    (  ' \ '-  |
     \    `.  /
      |      |
      |      |

its just a guy with his mouse i was thingking of youtube videoes and this is my facourite its just silly youtube makes me think of stupid animal videos, its the perfect form faking actions and faking utilities is how it may relate to my work traps i am also interested in the idea of how the hell you train a hanster to pretend to be dead now there are thousands of videos of animals to play dead

the text it available on the internet jug and vessels its on the interenet short and describes the appearance of handles and what shapes they take the difference between hadnles that are in the same material of the vessel and the ones that arent and how this has mutated throughout the years the text focusses on super utliitatrian aspects of the handle and the super decorative aspects, there is thes jusg of a tiger crawling in the just and this relates to the difection in the use can be implied in the decorative motive its clear thankyou

the work of art i chose i miss my mummy i liek the painting in itself its my favourite work of art in general how it looks and how it relates to my work its super human you can feel the heat and the hunger and the wait for easting its super bodily connect this artist dint do this stuff at all she was doing these drawings really unlike this at all and then she started doing paingtings of the stuff around the stuio the heat is always implied tits sper modest and enjoyed the way its made form objects around the studio looking for heat in the studio frying your eggs its super bodily connected adn i just enjouy that

chicken fuckin meat balls!! connected to a narration just by implying it its not related to anything in her work expect for the realism i found a description of how she came to doing those paintings i have it in my computer