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Sophie B

a piece of media (YouTube clip, film, TV show)

Sophie is showing the video. --Talk show with 3 women small talking to the host. Talking about wanting to be a model, or dating. UK accent. They wear sexy and tight outfits, red black and golden. Present themselves walking and talking. The host is over 60, female. Jaimie is introduced. He's from essex, saxophones playing, he's happy and waving to everyone. What do you do jaimie? IT stuff. He wishes to be a millionair by 30 but he looks like he has been 30 already. Oh god he's 19! A baby like the host says. Talking baby voices.He wants a blond girl, long legs. He's also obsessed with his own look. Gel in the hair and suited up. Generally talking about promiscuity again and again. Jaimie presents his 3 questions for the ladies:

   What would you do to shut me up? ... girl in golden dress wants to make stuff with his mouth tonight. Other girl says the same thing in a slightly more fake tone. Third girl talks about action man.
   What would I find on your website? ... surfing the internet is sad jamie! She has an SH for an S. Making slutty comments on LOG-INs. Second girl doesn't know shit about computer but knows how to make jokes on hard drives. Nr3 want to be teached the rights buttons to press.--
    Sophie is obsessed with dating shows, the aspiration to find a partner. Fully naked programs, dating in the dark, trying to get to know people in shows. This particular show is called "Blind Date" and started in the 80ies.
    George wants to hear more.
    Nick: does interactions have changed within the years?
    Programs seem more serious now. Back then it was more like a joke, and nowadays they seem to be more into it. They even marry though a "scientific" match.
    Sophie seems interested in the british shows. Especially because there are so many. George thinks"First dates" are very well thought through and arranged. It is not a game show tough.
    Big chat about shows like the bachelor, exes on the beach, wow!
   Steve suggests "Better living though reality TV" - book, on the ideology of performance.

a text you are reading which has a useful relation to your work

Susan Bordo Unbearable Weight 1) presenter: describe, in your own words, what the text (s) you are reading are about. 2)note taker: make notes on the pad of what your peer is saying. presenter, ask: 3) Why this text is of interest to you? 4) What is its relation to your self directed research? 5) How can you turn the questions these texts raise into work?


   Susan B
   Unbearable Weight, 1993
   About the female body, references feminism in western culture, stereoutypes, starts with a nice poem that Sophie reads out. Delmore Schwartz
   Separation between body and mid/spirit. How the body gets in the way. Contains interesing examples of how to be feminine. How the female body is plants (passive), male active (animals). Temtation, guilt, shame, self love, diseases, eating disorders, historical references to the body, feminism, and desire.
   How does the text influence what you are doing? ...using it together with the game show research, to talk about gender stereotypes. Working with transcripts: downloaded or written. Trying to approach the topic on a more theoretical way though the book.

In the work I try to mix the different voices (male and female). Gender of speech patterns.

a work of art (by another) which delights or infuriates you 

Video work by Heather Philippson
Makes extensive and dense video works, with her voice.
Video is played: 
-- Good news for people who like death. Nature, symbols. Clouds, color stains. Animals, humans. ways to think about death. Layers of images moving together, towards the viewer.--

-- A heart, water, a guitar playing, hearts everywhere, in the gym, in a hotelroom, on the grill. Sound and voice rhytmically cut. Moving collages with image and words. -- Sophie doesn0t like the installatios she makes with the videos. But likes the videos.

    Timur notes:

Youtube video Blind date “Your secret is safe with us Hello number three Whats your name and where you coming from Doing part-time modeling CatWalk Golden dress Blond girl performing cat walk in a golden tight dress Lets choose just one of them Seat yourself down lad Guy speaking about his house, laundry, he is 19 years old “You are a baby” Going to a gym 3-4 times a week People laughing awkwardly Hair wax, crisp ironed shirt” “I like to spread myself around” “Hi girls” “Hi James” “What would you do to shut me up” “well jamie am afraid you got your match tonight” “Action speaks louder than words” “Be my action man” “Surfing the internet is quite sad” “I don’t know much about computers, but…”

Obsessed with dating shows in UK Find your partner Naked attraction program Dating in the dark Video is from the 90’s Watched it as a kid The todays dating programs seem more serious Married on first sight, based on science The bachelor UK Social psychology experiment, reality tv took over the methodology from social psychology Moving from a game, people making scenarios, very much about ideology of performance Everybody has to be on Responsibilization

TEXT Unbearable weight 1993 THE female body Feminism and western culture Stereotypes Starts with a nice poem Talking about the body and separation of the body and the mind body gets in the way examples how to be feminine temptation and guilt, shame of the body etc.. talks about eating disorders, starving, historical references to feminism

talking about gender stereotypes book is a reference using transcripts male and female perspectives

ART Heather Philipsson Extensive dance video works

“New ways to think about death” “Connecting hot threats of hot cheese with..” “Having heart is a condition not a confession” ok am done