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a piece of media (YouTube clip, film, TV show)

Note taker 1 showing a video about the years before communist revolution - bodies - collective body - nation

(media) how ideology moved our collective body

(text) on failure failure as a mode of becoming on the example of animated popular films: failure used as a way to exit / escape given narrations how failure is situated as something that doesn't leave traces / a way to create alternative meaning (refuses discipline body .. power .. structures failure escapes.. a way to escape)

(work of art) hito steyerl group of people fighting each other - the body that fights

(in relation to Larisa's work) questions on how the body can be used / appropriated in relation to power / by power failure (of the body) in relation to power being an indiviual (body) <--> being a symbol in a larger ideology body being transformed / used by .. the body as an instrument for performing power / an instrument for ideology projected meaning onto it

the thing i was talking about: try to find more, this is doesn't seem to be a good link last bit of this video


   'YUGOSLAVIA - How Ideology moved our collective body'
   complex combination of footage years before the revolution and after.
   choosen for the 'collective body' made in the video, synography... body of one - nation.
   THE QUEER ... takes one out of the collective, author sees failure as alternative... interuption, against western ideas on success, this book is accessible to everybody... uses NEMO and chicken run to illustrate ... to exit. Forgetful characters are used.  Chicken run is an example of collective coming together and revolting. through these films culture ...
   alternative meanings  - failure doesnt advertise itself, it doesnt leave traces...
   reading from text: disillusionment... toxic contemporary thinking... the function of forgetting arises again in examples like Dude whereś my car etc. 
   Failure to subvert dominant relations of power
   first vid was about well oiled machine, and different institutions at work
   Hito Steyerl vid: plays with idea of action movies in which the - .... - sound is from pussy cat kill kill, women being bad asses... here the body that fights... movements... she becomes a heroine - but she's not really. I think it shows what the body can represent.
   How can a body be used and appropriated.
   ATM interested in failure and subversion.
   Before i was working with the idea of victory - an individual becoming a symbol of a country.
   The body in gymnastics has changed over the years - was older women then very young girls and then now its back to a more mature body. In the olympics the idea of what is feminine is looked at through effort and grace.  - intereseted in projected meaning.
   victory belongs to the country, failure belongs to the individual. Choreographies.. other countries in the communist era.
a text you are reading which has a useful relation to your work

1) presenter: describe, in your own words, what the text (s) you are reading are about.

2)note taker: make notes on the pad of what your peer is saying. presenter, ask: 3) Why this text is of interest to you? 4) What is its relation to your self directed research?

a work of art (by another) which delights or infuriates you

5) How can you turn the questions these texts raise into work?