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Writer 1:

   Scat porn actress- Thick vienesse accent that you would expect in a coffee house. Vibe hard to translate. To be full of other people shit.
   Ideas about occultism or humour can open slits in the material of reality.
   Give me a break and someone hands them a break, sexual deviance as a form of the occult. Power situations.
   Washing machine- spirals - how does a washing machine work? in and out and rotates
   What approach can I have towards things that interest me. Im interested but im not an expert, different field of application that helps me to see things and connection s and qualities that can help me undertand and agument my learning.
   The suddence sense of everything connecting.
   Holes, the air, the shape. The camera shows temperature and bodies but also the air. The air as something that can be terriorialised.
   Sculptural process involving a spiralling process.
   Spiral eyes. Cartoon spiral eyes.
   Life breaks in : A mood almanac - ruminations on mood.  the moment of finding out about thermal imagery and cybernetic brain. 
   Rosa Bonheur, Emancipated  woman breaking free from saint simonianism(SP?). Carving out a niche for one's self as a gay, female woman
   Animal paintings. Fox outrageous horse with long hair.  Text about how feminist movements came as a reult from other movement sin the 60's. sheep with mass of wool. Runaway sheep v.s the nostalic wool industry. Cloned animal was asheep. Trying to find entry ways into technology ad trying to understand computing etc without the equiptment.

The only gay woman to do this. Important to frane it within it. Saint simonianism was a very male dominated thing. equality structured into the movement?

Writer 2:

Deep Inside Veronica Moser's Mind 
K doesnt see a way to directly translate why she has chosen this video, between this and a video of how a washing machine works. 
K wants to read a bunch of stuff. Ideas she has been working with before, how humor can open, slips in the fabric of reality, an empowered form of action. 
Humor, comedy, rupture between the object and subject, there is room for action. Her sexual deviancy, as a form of occult. Underbelly of power. She owns it. 
She has been thinking about spirals, and processes. What approach can she have certain things that interest her. She is genuiunely interested in the thermal camera. Comes from a mlitary field of application 
technology, it helps her to see things. It has all kind of qualities that help her work with augmentd perspective of reality. Washing machine, spiral and psiral movement. Metrological imagery its all connected. photographich stirring the soup. Its about the air, bodies, and how things can be, (aura?) the idea that air can be teretorialised. How can you make sculptures, where there are spiralling things in them, also interested in eyes. In cartoons where the eyes become spiral eyes. 

Ruminations on mood, finding out about the thermal imaging, how light works, cybernetic brains. Text about a painter called -  Rosa Bonheur   A super emancipated woman, came out about a spiritual movement called Sans Simonian Movement - she carved out a niche for herself, im indepeendet and gay and everybody who accpeted it, sshe was very succesful at her painting. Animals are anthropromophic.    

Feminist movements came out of other movements or something. 

Its not the kind of art I want to make. K works with wool, wool is huge industry, rustic and great and its not. Moher sheeps are breed to keep growing their hair, and bred to make depended Trying to find entry ways into things like technology. 

embeded within a community and vision, like using the thermal camera.