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 a piece of media (YouTube clip, film, TV show)

 a text you are reading which has a useful relation to your work  Mut zur Musse und Freude am Tun, Sylvia Wetzel, Tara Libre Verlag

1) presenter: describe, in your own words, what the text (s) you are reading are about. 2)note taker: make notes on the pad of what your peer is saying. presenter, ask: 3) Why this text is of interest to you? 4) What is its relation to your self directed research? 5) How can you turn the questions these texts raise into work?

 a work of art (by another) which delights or infuriates you

Youtube video: HI SOPHIE     cooking  channel     people eating in front of camera     super long videos     order or  make food. they just eat in front of the camera. community/followers/celebrities/money     it can become a full salamistopit     being cute/feast/interaction with the viewers?     tons of food     ingesting/consuming as a way to sustain yourself     they are very lonely, as lonely as their followerss     pervert, excess     george sees it a resourceful, selling your body whitout actually selling it. intimacy     the first inventing the idea, innovative community, its the way to get followers/do it for a long time/ life style, new labor/ everything is sponsored     that was the interest, feeding yourself to make the money     setting up a shop within your life, capitalizing your lifestyle     performance of your life          german book by writer/teacher buddhist practice     meditation retreat over the summer, strong experience.the book talks about leisure and work and the balance between it     feminism, philosophy, contemplative buddhism     ligt approachable way     reminder abut how to be productive. access her (johanna)  practice in a productive way when in peace with herself     no speaking for a week. 6am gong....      great food     went on retreat fear of starting studies. in the end didnt need the defeat the fear, because it wasnt there     activeness passiveness. book thaught johanna having the pleasure to be in leisure as much as in work          video     marten spangberg, la substance     choreographer f between dance and performing art     supposed to be able to walk in and out whenever you want. more of an encounter.     shows video     people supposed to feel invited. participate, watch, drift away, come back... creating an atmosphere that you were free to leave or enter. mix between dance movement...     trouble with all the symbols that are there. is there a reason for them to be there? you can also not give a fuck and read them the way you want. super overloaded.     lot of stuff going on at the same time. still well choreographed. not overwhelming.      but still stage setting. separation audience/performers. took away the 'atmosphere' aspect      octopus     hellooo wateva     get off here its me      NOTES (Nick)

Diva TV (?) Woman with food. takeaway. skull sweater. talking about the food (not in english, not sure what she is saying) sharing the moment of eating either order the food or cook it and then eat it. long videos also a money-making thing. as a follower you can donate to them very sexualised

T: are they lonely? maybe

responding to comments live. sometimes very staged

T: it's about 'plenty'

they're obviously very lonely, as are the people at home. we live in a different world fetishistic

G: is it bleak? don't see it as bleak. quite resourceful. selling your body in a way

POV, imagining yourself there eating with them. addictive

most of the money made through the fans unboxing videos Steve admits he has watched unboxing videos!

G: people have to work to get the viewers. have to be pioneering, or work for free to begin with. fashion blogger friend who has a follwing despite poor quality of the blog posts.

S: lifestyle that is funded by work. no salary but everything is sponsored

You are feeding yourself in order to make money to feed yourself.

G: Mum started a home interiors shop in the house. George and his brothers would be in the shop because it was part of the home. analogue version of lifestyle selling

Steve: Playground as the factory (book)

TEXT: German book by writer, teacher, buddhist Sylvia Wetzel Light book that you would read before going to sleep. Life and work balance from the perspective of Buddhism Politics, feminisim, philosophy, Hannah Arendt. How to be productive The only way to access artistic practice in a prductive way is to be     G   R   O   U   N   D   E   D

Experience of a meditation week. No speaking, waking up at 6 with a gong, chanting, metitating, going to bed at 9. Great food. Anxious about studying before the retreat. realised during the meditation that there was no need to 'defeat' the fear, but the fear was not really there.

Having the courage to be in leisure as much as in work ie. a reminder to chill

ARTWORK: Marten Spangberg - La Substance Swedish choreographer, performing, dancing, now choreographing performances.  4 hour performance in a big space, audience can go in and out.  Shiny set. CHANEL. Pink vest. Muzak. Slow movements around the space. Dancing. Selfies. Slow jam. Smoke machines. Jelly.  There can't be a reason for everythign that is in the space - liberate yourself from the idea that everything is necessary. overloaded but well choreographed

other performances a bit samey maybe

i'm not supposed to entertain you for four hours nonchalance

how do you negotiate interaction in these situations? in a western context... not a forced thing