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a piece of media (YouTube clip, film, TV show) Deb and Dave Afloat Part 1

deb and dave afloat - boat life tour enjoying maing work whilst watching and thinking about work, parallels in Georges work. addictive quality, interesting escape from daily routine relate to objects and the world arounf them go and witness and comment. No level of interrogation and an acceptance. UK cities ex indutrial towns.Mundane. fetish'ism. video editing, its own genre, no hierachical natural intution of filming from a normal guy, honest, simplicity. fasinating way of authencity! He doesnt want to copy, re-appropriate, criticise juts a fascination. John berger; camera on trains capture movement and spaces, industry and leisure. now filning multiple trains. relationhip between camera and trains.

a text you are reading which has a useful relation to your work

Simply Nigella - Nigella Lawson ((inroduction)

Interesting creative, intelligent, art of recipe writing, antique and current collector. hopefulness with playfulness. She's a babe. She from very wealthy upperclass background, access to ingredients. level of engagement. mastering yourslef, rituals, bettering youslef, craft. magical. Sexual: sees it as an ingredient, self aware, humour! idelogy of pleasure proclaims value judgements. spiritualizes! fusion of life and practice. for pleasure, how to live not asthetic.

Steve notes: Ideology of pleasure Proclaims value judgments about home and kinship Against the voodoo of clean eating Mastery of the self Simple rituals, shared pleasures Seems to substitute for religion Visuals confirm ritual and discreetly affirms an ideology of pleasure Fusion of life and practice: also applicable to the first video: A kind of ‘default’ aesthetic

Timur notes:

VIDEO Youtube

'Deb and Dave Afloat PArt1'

the interior of the boat, man speaking english camera exploring the interior, voice describing objects the toilet, the shower, ‘’bloody big bath’’ womens voice, dialog, speaking about objects most comfortable boat the outside of the boat sight of nature

finds it addictive really interesting slight escape from daily life or daily routine the way you relate to the objects that surround us you witness you comment on it what is before you trips around uk uk view quite mundane old parts in ex industrial towns canal systems this type of witnessing, quite a fetish his approach to video editing a form of the video its like an own genre of the video not trying to be hierarchical i don’t know what my role of the artist is interesting way how we can think about the medium carp keeper all comes down to lesuire thinking about leasuire John Berger book about video cameras put on the trains what film can do it can record movement see how it functions trains and industry the relationship between camere and the train

TEXT nigella lawson very creative the ways she uses genre art of recipe writing introduction to her new book “cooking being therapeutic hopefulness with playfulness sustaining life and only then about forging life how to eat the notions of food which are harmful or healing food is not dirty we cannot control life by how we eat cooking act of kindness” nigella criticized for being privileged lifestyle that she has been giving thinking about mastering yourself, ritual and stuff the semiotics imagery of ritual or craft magical descriptions so self aware chocolate salami the ideology of pleasure spiritualizing food simple rituals sharing pleasures the ideas of recipes life and practice cooking is working improving recipes object of speculation sharing the tools the nice way of transmitting things you are interested questions of how to leave default aesthetic relics of industrial age

ART The encounter Simon McBurney “Telling of the story of the story You choose things that are interesting Bring my own life into it Bringing MORE LIFE into it Relationship with my daughter, my daughter is always around Its a document, documenting, layers i want to tell alone” new technology recording 360 going around it had no relevance to a thing, this book, this guy in 70s going to rain forests, patronizing them and learning about human nature legend of stage, worshiping, infantilizing, the way of technology and loops, act of representing others,