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Writer 1: Thiniking about a lot, its describe itself as a science fiction within a utopian world. C doesnt know if she believes in utopian.

   They are creating through this fictional narrative, build on truths and reality. Tension between the real and fictional world. it doesnt work but she likes it 
   thinking quite a lot about films in other languages, dutch family watching tv, she could just tell me rubbish as to what I am hearing. I trust in the sub titles to know what they are saying. thus seeing residents reading and speaking other peoples truths, is interesting
   Been struggling to reconcile with the topic of leaving old topics like hobby. Vibrant life and inert matter. The space is between, living being and an object. 
   Book written in 1988, protagonaist is a woman called kate who is ulitmately convincing herelf she is the last living thing left on earth. she is ofloading ther intellectual history. 
   The book is tangenetal and does really have a flow, shifts quickly between topics, western cultural icons, lonilness, momery and langauge there is no one to communicate it to, interesting thing going on desire to communicate but no means 
   hyper use of elipses. this kind of layout is really great. difference between reading the text out and the to yourself is quite amazing. 
   elipses is showing her anxiousness and vulnerablity. but C disagress, she feels its a sense of rythm.  There is a diference to reading it to self and out loud, the elipses become a hummm and become an audio in the mind. She loves it 
   Cant verbalise what she loves about the text. 
   Fatburgs, meat ampromorpshing things, we have contributed to the matter, and we have to take responsibilty, crap from the seas have come together, nature is reclaiming, and creating islands, a place that has a beach and underwater mounts, it is free floating in the duldrums. she feels that people dont want to remove it. 
   she wrote a story about the fatburg that broke off and became a mountain she feels close to it, soft core sci-fi. 
   Larisa is talking about a eco system that has been created out of a swamp Bucharest delta. 
   Annastasia - talks about the deadly pool in Life of Pi 
   Been an idea for a long time, we can harness the power of the moving island. 
   Steve- Gullivars isalnd, floating, because when swift wrote this, they believed there was rod that was going through the earth, and the island is on the base of the island. 
   by moving the base of the island it goes back and forth like magnetic trains. On the island they are all mathemiticians, think of higher things and grater things, the people on the earth who are dirty and they give them things, if the people dont give them things, they would park the isalnd on top of the city, and block the rain till the city fed them. 
   oppositive of the fatburg. 
   she like the bucharest eco lake, soft core sci fi 
   there is tons of nature everywhere, its not pristine . there is a lot of striving of things, 
   dirt is a negative term. did you feel like tying it goether is idea of structure, how tangetial beats and contributions like structure with elipses, tangential thought of novels, discussion with community group. 
   exercise for herself to see if it works toether. 
   got good ingredients need to put it in a recipe 


   VIDEO: Male (old) voice talking It discribe irself as a science fiction movie. The concept of the utopia is present in the movie, about the notion of the place they are?.
    Tension between truth and fictional world.  Faith in the subtitles
   TEXT: David Markson text a woman called kate who tries to convice that she is the last living woman on earth. It hasnt got any clear structure.  She feels that se needs to comunicate the things she knows
    but there is nobody with whom talk.
   ART: Its a book that use the dots as elipsis to separate the texts and the sentences. It is called Zirconian? Dots related with the rythim of the writer but also how the reader (in this case C) read it.