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a piece of media (YouTube clip, film, TV show)
a text you are reading which has a useful relation to your work 1) presenter: describe, in your own words, what the text (s) you are reading are about.

2)note taker: make notes on the pad of what your peer is saying. presenter, ask: 3) Why this text is of interest to you? 4) What is its relation to your self directed research?

Note taker 1: (media) alphaville - Godard set in future, accesing information, devices - human .. piece of wood showing 'merci' - rounded corners (denying corners in a sense) something one can interact with coming form a machine / some sort of device (future)

on data: colloquialisms put into data X and Y axis is information the google has scanned- only goes up to 2008 and we can't check this year. 200 years , in all the media google has scanned, shows how many times the words on the horizon appear. Speak on two registers at one time.

A about this translating in her practice: what format do i use - data - .. drawing

(text) postscripts on the societies of control - hyperlnks - individuals - dividuals (core idea for A)

raqs madeia collective larisa question - about use of your own body A: thinkning about using my own body / the body through the use of furniture , throught objects that have a life and an after life - situated in space - having a use - physical engagement

vid clip from jean luc goddard - alphaville overload of thinking control emotional / communicative rules set in paris, sort of sci-fi detective figure "put in one token" to get a "merci" futuristic in the 60ies but self through communication issue seems very relevant now in the film the dictionary is illegal as way to restrain thought through language how do machines speak to you / interface softening of something that is actually devicive rounded edges/ blurring out or boundaries artificial intelligence interfaces etc. + Ngram material books and digitally published material count of phrases that the user can insert into the search engine (going back to 1800) registers and the use of metaphors, physicality(act) at the same time expressing an emotion question of format drawing a line, with a tool, through a phrase layers of that action, like different areas of how something comes together "end of the line" draws a line haha "we shall overcome" peaks in 1969 "no two ways about it" on the up.. "collective bogy" is going downnnnn "the end is nigh" so…. some of them clearly map words that maybe just came into usage at a certain time which explains the graph "survival of the fittest" "significant other" drawing like this is kind of a core and basis for further thinking - how can this move into something material?

text Gilles Deleuze, postscript on the societies of control from the early 90ies internet hasn't been a mainstream thing - so text isn't concrete on this and can be used to take it into different directions - annotations, interruption, interjection (steve : focault, disciplinary society and then d comes along and says we're deterritorialized) gold bars and old money is then moved into this immaterial idea of debt (education) the liveness of an annotated text making sth from the idea that one is a dividual "ready money", code gives access to informational intersection, constant to flow of capital yoga practice as relativation of academic knowledge, being human in the body where that knowledge is situated is material the sculpture as something to not only mentally but also physically engage with - a way to leave the possible conclusion drawn from it open

art Raqs Media Collective no specific example

questions : material approach to work - is the body gonna be present in the work? - furniture as reminiscent of where the body lives

connection? time as a form of narrative, through for example the Ngram, hyperlink as time travel - simultaneity - time as an axis that is also crossing through the interests voiced objects - non linear time, so using the graphs(two dimensional) as a way to approach it and make it material through furniture time exists in layers law of entropy - impermanence

a work of art (by another) which delights or infuriates you:


5) How can you turn the questions these texts raise into work?