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There is a famous saying in Hindi which is ‘Where even ‘ravi’ (the Sun) cannot reach, there will go a ‘kavi’ (poet.)’ But many sages say, ‘Where even a ‘kavi’ (poet) cannot reach there will go an ‘anubhavi’ (experiencer.)’

This image is the personification of THAT. Dark, light, the sun, moon, stars, dimensions, triangles, bodies, flux, motion, Saturn and the Unknown tainted in Black. After delving into the research of the 5 elements, Panchatattva. I realized there is such a deep history inside my body. Every cell, and its nucleus contains stories, information, jokes and remarks about time immemorial.

I remember the day I was born, and before that the feeling in the womb. Those recurring dreams of the rolling drums, the resonance of the hammer from my days in the cradle. Its possible. I was there, and now I am here.

If that’s possible, then what about deep cosmic time that resides in the collective cellular anthology of my DNA? And the wealth of information stored in the Tao this is Natural History and Herstory? Its the same cloud that I pay for with the economy of my creative alchemy.

It is possible. I can go back to my Dadaist days, and remember what it was like to stitch clothes for Joan Miro, those passing days of strolling on the beaches of Spain, the world wars, the bunkers, the discoveries, the concentration camps and helping those children escape from Nazi regime. Yes, I can remember sometimes.

Deep time, like the first time I saw movable type reproduced on a piece of papyrus. That day, when I looked up at the sky and saw Saturn, it was the same planet. Today in a different eon, and in yet another body. It still caries memory of the anthropocentric measure. Sun-Ra has taught me that, as I type on this Macbook.