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subject does not reciprocate

This past year a cousin of mine in Cornwall sent a set of Mason Cash dishes. A distinguished British label, one glazed set for each member of the family. For you, he sent two large bowls. They now rest on the kitchen floor between the sink and refrigerator, DOG imprinted one of the brims, and WATER on the other.

As recent scientific studies suggest, you understand both the words I say and how I say them, but you are believed to be unable to read. So then, why am I writing this text to you, and why has your (species) name been extruded off the side of the bowl. From where comes this human desire add language into your world. You do not reciprocate in speech with me and I have been lead to believe you are illiterate as well.

It is precisely your lack of language that excludes you from the human world. So with this bowl I am bringing you closer - a one-sided attempt at bridging the gap that separates us. I've used language for ages to communicate with my fellow humans, but we have only communicated in a language that is bodily, more involved with our energies.

Your name and you drink have been inscribed in english. The fact that it exists this way can only be in service for myself, perhaps a nod to the possible confusion of whom this otherly-shaped bowl belongs to, and what belongs inside of it. Its size accommodates your non-lingual dorsal. Yours acts as a consumptive fin as opposed to my linguistic muscle.

Regardless, you are my family, my daughter, albeit adopted. You come with me on vacations, you lick my mouth and I lick yours back and I will memorialize you when you die. Perhaps at your grave I will mark your space with something other than an english language transfiguration of an idea. I will find a more doglike way to portray your passing, bringing myself towards your world.