Dream two

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Date viewed: 25/4/12

Description: On a ship:

We were on a massive ship; it was the most massive ship I ever did see with my very two eyes. It’s a skyscraper of a ship. It's a massive black iron/steel ship. Massive, it powered through the sky. It left the sea behind; you couldn’t even see the sea from here. It’s just endless blue skies, no land. just nothing but blue sky. There we were on the top of the ship I was hanging; my hands clasped around a thick steel hoop. The wind blew me. I was a flag. There I hovered on top back end of the ship. I was scared I could barely hold on. Being the flag of this ginormous ship was difficult job, I didn’t ask to be there. I was sort of like an inverted figurehead.

We were having a chat, you were at ease, relaxed, talking, coming in and out of the door of the ship, sitting on the balcony. Finally I said I want to get down, I don’t like it here. You said fine, you went in to get something, came back out to get me, the wind was blowing hard, you missed your step and came off, a massive wind blew you in the sky, it took you. It twirled you away there was no way of getting you back. You looked at me and shrugged your shoulders. You were calm, almost nonchalant. A second later you were gone, lost in the blue nothingness.

Now I was very scared, I am scared, I am scared of heights anyway; scared that I may jump off of my own occurred when given the chance. It surprised me that I hadn’t already let go. A man came out on the balcony, I said they left, he didn’t seem bothered, he said I better go and get a rope and went back in. Clasped on this hook being a flag for the ship there I waited.

Tags: involuntary Control Ship Blue Dream Fear Sky Nothing Void Death body-soul power absurd Symbolism

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