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CRITICAL PRACTICE WITH BERND KRAUSS 14:00-18:00 (starting at PZI Garden) Green-tours: please bring OV-Chip Card with 6 Euros on; clothing according to weather.

Green Belt Tours Many cities have implemented environmental politics not only in their city planning, but also in their competition to attract new populations. Green belts are topographically woven through cities as coherent connections between green areas. The resulting improved living conditions have in part created very valuable biotopes over the last decades. This instrumentalisation of nature has made it possible for certain species to find a place to survive. Green belts are actualities of nature, as artificial as they may be, that improve living conditions in the city. Meanwhile, outside of urban zones the exploitation of land and nature continues and increases at high speed. For our first Critical Practices Seminar session we will explore the “green belt” around Hoogvliet in Rotterdam West ( From this experience, we will create our own (real or virtual) belt tours by walking together. One of our aims is to better understand topography through bodily movement and physical sensation. Conceptually choreographing our experience of moving through the city and mapping our environment can help raise our awareness of environmental plans and politics and allow us to access different forms of knowledge. You can always plan a route, but you can never be sure what might come your way.