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Short Pieces that Move!

Optional reading and writing group: 10-1pm with KB and guest tutor Moosje Moti Goosen in the large project space

Moosje will be joining us for this session, proposing a writing exercise and participating in our reading and discussions.

Then, in the afternoon, she will offer tutorials for smaller groups of up to three, offering an external, new reader's response to (short pieces of) work-in-progress.

Please sign up for a tutorial here:

2-2.50pm 1. Annabelle 2. Josie 3. Daphne

3-3.50pm 1. Jamie 2. Olga 3.Diana

4.4.50pm 1. Dagmar 2. Lucía 3. Christian

5-5.50pm 1. Halla 2. Guillem S. 3.

Further information about Moosje:

I am a writer and PhD candidate at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam. For my dissertation project I look at the influence of fiction in/on the medical field, particularly in the discursive formation of disorders, diseases, and other pathologies. My research is based in my interest in the history of phantom limb syndrome from a humanities perspective, and has extended into autobiographical writing after a period of serious illness and a double lung transplant in 2017. I occasionally write for art publications such as Metropolis M, Frieze, and Ixiptla, and/or in collaboration with artists.