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Shimmer visit

5:00pm Shimmer directors Eloise Sweetman and Jason Hendrik Hansma invite MFA students for a visit to the current exhibition: World as Lover, World as Self Chapter 4 by Ellen Gallagher and Dora Economou.

6:00pm You are invited to stay for the book launch of "Curatorial Feelings" by Eloise Sweetman.

"Curatorial Feelings is a book that collects arts practitioner Eloise Sweetman’s writing from the past decade—written on the occasion of exhibitions she curated, written on and for individual artworks, as well as for public talks. Sweetman often wrote while, and not before, the artworks were on view. The time of retrospection, and of being with artworks, imbues her language. Moving between prose and poetry, impressions and reflections, coursing through the writing is a commitment to senses, to subjectivity, to social responsibility.

Sweetman’s writing contributes to a genre of curators’ writing that takes things to heart, that takes things personally. Calling out her ‘curatorial feelings’ juxtaposes and unites the two modes of engagement: as a curator and as a sentient being. Curatorial feelings foreground subjectivity, intuition, senses, and belief systems, while pushing for new art historical narratives and ethical professionalism." - From Introduction to feelings: Taking things to heart by Jo-ey Tang in ‘Curatorial Feelings’

RSVP: Kate, Grazia, María José, Madeleine, Helle, Andrea