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Studio Visits Kris Dittle
Studio Visits Kris Dittle
*11.15 Jake  
*11.15 Jake  
*12.30 Jamie
Studio Visits Jelena Novak
Studio Visits Jelena Novak

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10:00-11:00 Information session on Post-Opera Project

Post-Opera cross-examines developments in contemporary opera and visual art in order to explore the changing relationship between the body and the voice today. The project is an initiative of guest-curators Kris Dittel (visual arts curator) and Jelena Novak (musicologist), and will be realised in collaboration with TENT, Operadagen Rotterdam and V2_Lab for the Unstable Media. The project aims to explore the ways in which both technological developments and societal power dynamics currently shape new relations as well as in our understanding of human and non-human voices.

Studio Visits from 11:15, sign up possible when Susana returns to office March 5

Studio Visits Kris Dittle

  • 11.15 Jake
  • 12.30 Jamie

Studio Visits Jelena Novak

  • 11.15 Daphne
  • 12.30 Merve

13.45 BREAK

Studio Visits Kris Dittle

  • 14.45 Christine
  • 16.00 Annabelle
  • 17.15 Antonia

Studios Visits Jelena Novak

  • 14.45 Yanik
  • 16.00 Bergind
  • 17.15 Josie