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GUEST LECTURE:: Danilo Correale - 18:00

Guest Tutor 16/6, 18:00h: artist and researcher, Danilo Correale Danilo will share a screening of his video work, "Reverie, on the Liberation from Work" in addition to a lecture on his artistic and research practice.

Danilo Correale is an artist and researcher born in 1982 Naples, Italy, he lives and works in New York and Napoli. In his work, he analyzes aspects of human life, such as labor-leisure, and sleep under the lenses of time and body. Danilo Correale received his MFA in Visual art and Curatorial Studies from NABA, Milano, IT, and has been awarded by a Research Affiliate Fellowship at Columbia University NY in 2017. He has been part of Skowhegan, school of painting and sculpture among many other residency and grant programs in EU and USA. His Work has been published by NERO publications (Rome), Archive Books (Berlin), FEC (Italy), and Decelerationist Reader (US).

Reverie, on the Liberation from Work is a two-chapter guided hypnosis exercise aimed at deeply relaxing your body and mind, in preparation for a future without work. Reverie can be used as a tool to help you visualize what a life freed of work can be. The idea behind the sound piece is to tap into the realm of guided meditation, as a space that can prioritize the subject outside of direct ideological approach, and through engaging a dialogue with the inner self, stimulate the formation of an imaginary, a call to confabulate about possible futures.

The “misuse” of the hypnotic language can be seen as sabotage within the world and semantic of guided meditation, for the artist is a call to use “all the means necessary” to escape the tendency of the audience to push away radical narratives, often leading to an echo-chamber that may enhance the dystopic or totalitarian representation of the present. Reverie is not a space to escape the political realm of the present, it is a moment to revive our commitments, our agency, and our vision of the future, on self-organization on rights on productivity.