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CA - alPPlSyBJJoajD – MPING a thematic project/residency at Kunsthuis SYB led by Bernd Krauß, 6 credits, September 19-29, 2019

This thematic residency requires full participation over the course of 10 days and the individual and collective production of work for public presentation at SYB, and documentation for PZI MFA and SYB. The residency will be followed up by a homecoming, reintegration presentation.

Located between our friendly camping site competitors “It Polderdykie” to the west and “Het Koningsdiep” to the east, CA - alPPlSyBJJoajD - MPING is found at SYB, in the lovely Friesian village of Beetsterzwaag – a magnet for culture-craving seekers in the vast north of the Netherlands. During the late summer season (September 19-29) we will offer both indoor and outdoor pitches on our estate. From dramatic scenes on stage, to the cuddly atmosphere of our artist vintage corner, to spots with wide views into the typical Dutch neighborhood backyard, we guarantee you an exceptional stay, sleep, and dream experience. Pitch your tent on your preferred location. For the unequipped, a tent dorm is available. In that case, a sleeping bag and mat are still required! For those with an urge for higher categories of comfort we have rearranged the wood-paneled attic into 2 bedrooms, each equipped with Landgraaf twin beds. Here you can also find also direct access to the sanitary cell, which includes a country-rain shower and standard toilet. The core of the hospitality operation lies on the first floor, where you’ll find a well-equipped kitchen, including a six flame gas cooking arrangement that has been approved by the local star authorities (Landgoed Lauswolt = Golf & Country Club) as decent machinery. Completing the hospitality offering is a living and comfort zone with views onto the treetops of the nearby park. Free WIFI included. The bus stops directly under the kitchen window and could bring you to the nearby Friesian hub, Drachten, the recent skyrocketing development of which has only left the local trot track out of its pampering success. Heerenveen hosts a first-division football league employer (Abe Lenstra Stadion). One of the internationally known landmarks of post-urban-landscaping (known as PULC) can be found here too: the Ecocathedral and the garden both built and designed by Louis Le Roi. ([1]) Beautiful Beech woods mixed with a Scandinavian-inspired Heather zone are within walking distance. A sculpture trail might guide you through the parks of the former county estate. Berry season will be on! Afterwards you may pick an exquisite cheese at the local specialty shop. A supermarket caters most of the daily needs. The town’s pub is legendary for its particular style of billiards. And on Fridays, the fish booth stops just around the corner. For further relaxation you can help out at the local horse riding manege. ( On weekends we are open for the public and are happy to guide day guests and passersby through the experimental camp-ierence of shifting and reestablishing formats and standards of hosting and coasting. Individually established “tenthomezones” will introduce you to the interiors of each creative caravanning trip of the participant artists. The support team of CA - alPPlSyBJJoajD -MPING will guide you into a field under a constant but decent breeze of polyester and polyamide fumes (We do provide solutions in cotton for those with allergies). Further touristic suggestions by foot, bike and bus will soon be arranged by our campering hosts. Under their guidance and expertise, this unique opportunity to combine villageian urbanism and natural camp-flora will grow into a sensory experience of its own. Throughout the 10 day period, the kitchen will offer a menu reflecting on the local and seasonal assets. In a reciprocal form of learning and informing the site will grammatically and aesthetically set its own rulings and parameters. Which of the letters do you want to engage with: alPPlyJJoaBj or try the D! (CA-alPPlSyBJJoajD-MPING is a by the ICAWW approved and governed operation) Sincerely Yours! Gramp-Master FLASH!

Kunsthuis SYB

Hoofdstraat 70

9244 CP Beetsterzwaag