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Cartography & Exploration

Flat Earth map by Orlando Ferguson an interesting attempt at a deliberately subjective map

Introduction to the concepts. Wandering v.s. exploring and cartography. how to communicate and define one's discoveries?

Collecting and categorizing: conveying findings

Collecting in multiple manners:

- Sketching and depicting
- Recordings of sound/video
- Retrieving physical samples whether dead or alive
- Personal experiences expressed in written language
- Data collected in written language: weather, seasons, ethnographic observations, etc

A history of predecessors

A few nice examples of exploration and cartography in the past


About setting the destination, the things to look for and thinking about the tools


Here various tools are described. Tools for exploring but also for communicating and translating the discoveries.



Possible databases to explore?


Writers of the article go hands-on.

An Attempted Index of All Dotcom Web Sites

Field studies

Works by others to explore and document the web.

One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age [1]


vostrom-holdings--inc.-layer-four-traceroute.jpeg layer four traceroute