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Autonomous graffiti robots are tactical street weapons, developed to extend the abilities of human writers, artists and activists, while retaining the essential out of range anonymity. These robots will perform desired tasks in insecure environments without continuous human guidance.

In the future (as seen in the movie Demolition Man) these devices will be playing a big role for underground activists, to spread their political messages in cities where graffiti is handled as a serious crime. In the year 2032, as the movie predicts, the resistance group named "Scrap" is equipped with the latest state of the art autonomous graffiti robot models. With its very precise nozzles the robot is capable of spraying a whole wall in high-resolution and true-color in some seconds.

This wiki-page can be seen as a first attempt on developing and archiving various prototypes, and preparing the first steps for the autonomous graffiti robot of the future.


Prototype 01

Spray Can, Servo, Arduino;

Prototype 01


Prototype 02

Pressure Tank filled with paint, 2 Servos on a Pan and Tilt mechanism, Solenoid Valve, Arduino;
Visual Interface in Processing for recording tags or manual use;

Prototype 02
nozzle + servos
solenoid valve
3D Model Pan
3D Model Tilt


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