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For setting up the Macs in Xub studios it is important to

  • coordinate it with WdKA ICT department: Patrick should be the person to talk tool
  • ensure the Macs are lock to thei tables
  • ensure the Macs are plugged to Ethernet (no wifi)
  • decide how many are need for new batch of 1st years:
    • currently we have 4 iMacs, which are shared among all the Xpub students. It is probably a good approach to prevent the studios from becoming to cluttered and yet offer a the possibility to use an Mac to everyone in the program.

After installing them

this page describe how in XPUB/LB we use the WdKA Macs.

  • students can become admin of a Mac, allowing them to install specific software and do admin tasks, however most software mus be installed from WdKA store.
  • Macs can be used by a single user or multiple users
  • Students should be perform regular updates when notified by WDKA app store.


Munki report - overview all machines: https://munki-report2.wdka-it.nl/auth/login

dealing with failed student login

When a student isn’t able to log in, please try to login yourself to see if authentication works. If your personal account works authentication is fine and probably the account of the student is blocked. If your account doesn’t work, please email to ICT the computer ID and I will take a look.

As for 07.2020 Patrick tested the authentication (successfully) on every machine on a desk. If there’s a trashcan macpro or an iMac stored elsewhere that machine will have authentication problems. Please contact ICT if needed.


  • username:
    • students: student number
    • staff: hro email initial i.e email: blissetl@hr.nl -> username: blissetl
  • password: the password hro offered, which is also the one you use to connect to the Eduroam

How to become admin?

In the docs you will see an Icon with a greenlock


Click the icon: and click "Request Privileges"


That should be it. The lock in the docs should turn to yellow and become open.


WdKA Appstore

All the software available can be installed via the WdKA app store, accessible via the WDKA icon in the docs.

Check from time to time the "Updates" section of WdKA app store. As new updates my become available. If available, update them!



The macs must be restarted frequently, as this is the only way to keep the machine up-to-date (it only receives updates when it boots).