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= worlding
"Reality is an active verb, and the nouns all seem to be gerunds with more appendages than an octopus"
Donna Haraway here



radio implicancies ►12.0
crossing of animals/animal crossing
𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪&𝓭𝓪𝓶𝓵𝓪 𝓵𝓲𝓿𝓮


Live conversation exploring new lockdown’s territories and opportunities:
img1 ✸ hungry monkeys in Thailand
img2 ✸ lion-cops in Russia
img3 ✸ KKSlider from Animal Crossing
img4 ✸ megalosaurus in London
img5 ✸ nature is healing in Venice
img6 ✸ KKSlider from Animal Crossing, again

=̅ c̅r̅e̅o̅l̅e̅ g̅a̅r̅d̅e̅n̅
“Look within the Creole garden, you put all species on this tiny lick of land: avocados, lemons, yams, sugarcanes…In the big circle everything is put into everything. He who finds the strenght to mix has the strengh to find.”
Edouard Glissant , Tout-monde



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Imagining, re-thinking and recording the world outside
img1 ✹home
img2 ✹desert
img3 ✹home
img4 ✹mountains

a sort of abstract:pad

Tracks included
♫Field recordings from Tel Aviv, Alba, Milano
♫Ursula le Guin on anarchist utopias
♫Donna Haraway, from the documentary Storytelling for earthly survival
♫Agent Cooper’s dream from Twin Peaks
♫Dr. Edwardes' dream from Spellbound

Ywot12.2.png week2

radio implicancies ►12.2
Till voices wake us, a play by Louella Dizon
𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪 & 𝓶𝓪𝔁

scene 1- ROSIE TESSIE SUSIE ROSIE Once upon a time, I was a little girl with a secret and wonderful power. I could see things in a way no one else could see. To me, the morning was a great snail, crawling along with a sky-blue shell, and one red eye as the sun. And dragging behind it was the rich, moist, velvet cloak of the night.Wrapped in the covers of night, I would dream. And I could remember all my dreams as if I were dreaming them for the first time. TESSIE You see, the Filipino woman—the Filipina—is descended from a long line of priestesses. For their tribes, these women performed the most sacred rites. They could heal with herbs, speak with the gods, and exorcise devils. They found their darkest powers in dreamlike trances. ROSIE In fact, once I knew that I could relive each dream, I realized I could put them away, like books, that could be pulled out and read over, like a map for another adventure.* TESSIE To this day, there are still wise old women in the smaller towns who still act as links to the supernatural. ROSIE Dreams showed me everything I ever wanted to see. Until one day. * TESSIE That was something I couldn’t take with me when I left the Philippines: the links to the spiritual world through wise old women. ROSIE Birthdays to me are no big deal. But the birthday I remember best wasn’t even my own. TESSIE The links to the past through my mother and grandmother. ROSIE It was at my friend Susie Locke’s house. She turned twelve six months before me. It was at her party. Maybe add one of the singing parts, could be fun:D >> changed my mind, lets not do this one i also liked it but i had to short it a little, preferred to keep the filipino song later [...] ROSIE We always shared presents.I would even know which ones she would share with me.We opened them all together: a doll, a Nancy Drew book, puffy stickers, earrings, bicycle handlebars…* SUSIE Wait! ROSIE What is it? SUSIE It’s from my dad. ROSIE It was a little girl, sitting with her hands folded. She was wearing lace petticoats and her curls were tied up in a big ribbon. She sat, with her solemn face, not with a big grin like you see on kids’ pictures at the department store. A face with no expectations. Like the picture were a duty, not a gift. She looks just like you.* SUSIE It’s my grandmother. ROSIE I’ve never had anything like that.. TESSIE Most of our pictures were lost in the war. ROSIE Not even ones when Mom and Dad were young. TESSIE Those were left back home. When we left our lives behind, we left almost everything behind. […] scene2 - GRANDMA (The family begins to disperse in slow motion, while GRANDMA turns to the audience. She sucks on her unlit cigar contemplatively.) GRANDMA I am here in the town of Brooklyn in the city of New York. The state is New York also. Very confusing. It is the way in Brooklyn to talk very loud, especially when young. The children play in the streets, even if cars are coming. But, like the little boys selling cigarillos in the streets of Cebu, they are able to get out of the way. It is the way here to be always working. The cars go very fast, and the people are in a hurry. For those who walk slow, like me, like some old people and some families with children, there are others who are impatient and push from behind you, looking sullen. It is the way here always to have someplace to go. […] scene3 - ROSIE ROSIE [...]is it strange to dream about your mother’s country? One that you don’t remember at all? When I go to bed at night, and images start to flicker in my eyes, is it the ocean I hear, or my own breathing? […] Lights out. The sound of breathing fills the darkness. It ebbs and flows, slowly and steadily. It ebbs and flows, like the ocean. Somehow, the sound of breathing becomes the ocean, which dies down again. Only the sound of crickets can be heard. […] scene4 - ROSIE, GRANDMA ROSIE If I can remember most of the dream, I write it down, and I use it to write my stories. GRANDMA Ay, yes. Your mother told me that you want to be a novelist and travel all over the world. ROSIE Sure. I used to tell all my stories to Albert and he loved them so much, he told me to write them down, so that other people could read them. I’m glad he told me that, too, because…(she munches reflectively for a moment on her banana)… because I think he’s busy with other things right now, and even when I’m talking to him, I don’t think he always hears me. (She is suddenly lost in thought for a moment. Still staring out into space) Lola… GRANDMA Yes, Rosie, I’m listening. ROSIE (Sings) A[We live in the shelter of the mountains] M[It’s as lonely as a sad song.] A[The boughs of the trees are our pathways] M[Our water jugs are poles of bamboo.] A[Our plates are coconut husks] M[Our meat is what we can catch.] A[It’s so lonely that the monkeys are our neighbors.] M[What we eat are root crops, for goodness sake] A[Our beds are the skin [bark] of trees.] M[Our blankets are, for goodness sake, banana leaves] A[Life, life in the mountains.] […] scene5- ROSIE, GRANDMA ROSIE/GRANDMA(Speaks with her, translating) There are still some Filipinos who believe that there are spirits who live in the ground, in the stones, in the darkness beneath the trees. My grandfather believed in them, but he was not afraid of them. They are very old. They have seen many things. To call upon them is to call upon the memory of the very earth. ‘Sus, Rosie, how powerful they are—and yet they cannot live where there is no belief. Here, you might find some who say they believe in God, but it is in the head, not in the heart. So, how much less are there who believe in spirits? But you come from the same country, Rosie—you can remember. You just have to reach beyond all memory of what you have known here. It is like a song being sung among many other noises. Block out the other noises, and listen for the song. They say my grandfather Rosario came from nowhere, that there were no records of his birth, that no one remembered hearing of him from other towns. They say he was descended from witches.He came to the town of Catmon, and being bright and strong, he attracted attention in the small fishing village. The mayor of Catmon took such a liking to him—some say he was bewitched—that he adopted him almost as a son and sent him to the University of Santo Tomas. The Spanish students looked down on him for not being fair, for not being Spanish. ROSIE How mean! GRANDMA It’s okay, anak. It’s only a dream. ROSIE No, I remember! (Music) I remember walking in the streets. A rich lady was on my right, and a fruit vendor to my left. I remember singing the same song as I waved flowers—flowers that seemed to multiply, like the loaves and the fishes. I remember seeing the soldiers’ shining guns. I remember pitying their nervous faces. I remember the word we chanted: la…ban. Laban! GRANDMA Once upon a time. ROSIE I remember crying when martial law was declared. I remember Uncle Manny who used to say what he wished. I remember one night he disappeared—I remember the next morning his brother had bruises on his face. I remember seeing Imelda’s picture at my cousins’ house. I remember she gave them forks and spoons plated in gold. GRANDMA I remember… ROSIE Once upon a time. GRANDMA Listening to the wireless radio. Running up to the American soldier and asking him for his k-rations. ROSIE Chocolate, Joe!! GRANDMA Their food tasted so good. ROSIE Running from the Japanese. GRANDMA Our house burned down in the war. Once upon a time. I remember. ROSIE I remember seeing seven ships sailing, into Manila Bay. A fleet of Spanish vessels sank into the bloody water. GRANDMA The Spanish were at war. ROSIE But we fought for the Americans. GRANDMA Spain surrendered, and so surrendered us. ROSIE After 400 years of Spanish rule. We were the Americans’ little brown brothers. I remember I was a poor little brown girl and I sat in the cheap seat of the balconies in the movie houses. I remember seeing the army officers below. I remember seeing rich white immigrants wearing silk and pearls. GRANDMA Once upon a time. ROSIE I remember picking root crops from the ground that had fed my fathers. I remember yielding the root crops to a fat conquistador, the lord of the estate. GRANDMA I remember he had sailed in from Mexico. I remember the day he took our land. I remember he raped me and gave me a mestizo son ROSIE Once upon a time. GRANDMA I remember I wanted to be a nun. I remember a friar seduced me. Once upon a time. ROSIE I was a priestess to my tribe. And our chieftains stood proud and tall. And they, with their half-naked bodies and bolos and spears defeated the white men in armor. A man named Magellan, with a spear in his heart, lay dead on the bloody beach.* GRANDMA Once upon a time. ROSIE I remember…running free in the land of the sun. […] scene 6 ROSIE, TESSIE, GRANDMA ROSIE/TESSIE You see the Filipino woman—the Filipina—is descended from a long line of priestesses. ROSIE/GRANDMA And I could remember all my dreams as if I were dreaming them for the first time. (As ROSIE exits through the audience) ROSIE/TESSIE/GRANDMA Once upon a time, I was a little girl, with a secret and wonderful power

Ywot12.3.png Ywot12.4.png week3

radio implicancies ►12.3
img1,2,3,4 ✹Principia Discordia, Or, How I Found Goddess and What I Did to Her When I Found Her-Malaclypse The Younger, Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst Principiadiscordia.jpegNomeaning.pngSink.pngSuspended.png img5 ✹ from the justified ancients of mumu/the timelords/the KLFTimelords.png img6 ✹The illuminatus! trilogy-Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson Illuminatus.jpg

ddate Today is Setting Orange, the 72nd day of Discord in the YOLD 3186 * FIRST I MUST SPRINKLE YOU WITH FAIRY DUST Suddenly the place became devoid of light. Then an utter silence enveloped them, and a great stillness was felt. Then came a blinding flash of intense light, as though their very psyches had gone nova. Then vision returned *goddess* From The Playboy Advisor, Playboy, April, 1969, pages 62-64*After an hour or so of heavy petting, I often find myself in substantial pain in the area of my testicle and lower abdomen*The girl who live across the street from me has been my friend since childhood. Now that we have both reached maturity, I see or relationship in a new light*I recently heard an old man of right-wing views—a friend of my grandparents—assert that the current wave of assassinations in America is the work of a secret society called the Illuminati. He said that the Illuminati have existed throughout history, own the international banking cartels, have all been 32nd-de-gree Masons and were known to be Ian Fleming, who portrayed them as Spectre in his James Bond books—for which the Illuminati did away with Mr. Fleming. At first all this seemed like a paranoid delusion to me. Then I read in The New Yorker that Allan Chapman, one of Jim Garrison’s investigators in the New Orleans probe of the John Kennedy assassination, believes that the Illuminati really exist*goddess*This traditionally unlucky sign was cast by Atlantean scientist-priests shortly before the destruction of their continent and is generally connected with death by water. Other vibrations link it to earthquakes, tornadoes and similar disasters, and to sickness, decay, and morbidity as well. The first correlation is with the unbalance between technological acceleration and political retrogression, which has proceeded earthwide at everwidening danger levels since 1914 and especially since 1964. The breaking apart is fundamentally the schizoid and schismatic mental fugue of lawyer-politicians attempting to administrate a worldwide technology whose mechanisms they lack the education to comprehend and whose gestalttrend they frustrate by breaking apart into obsolete Rennaisance nation-states.General prognosis: many megadeaths.*There is some hope for avoidance of the emerging pattern with prompt action of correct nature. Probability of such avoidance is 0.17 ± 0.05.No blame.*

React pad4.1.png React pad4.2.png week4

radio implicancies ►12.4
out of reach

A group of voices finds itself trapped in the forest.
Voices: Amazon Polly, espeak

authorship & ownership
Reactpad 5.png week5