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The act of exploration ties closely to the purpose of uncovering and accessing resources or information. A central goal for the explorer is to archive and map the various impressions he or she encounters throughout the travel, in a fashion which renders it clear and easily conceivable. Inherently the exploration involves uncertainty and risks, of which the traveler has to steer or navigate trough delicately, often leading to a mortal stumbling or tumbling along the edge of the blade.

This article is aimed to be a resource to the curious venturer and explorer of the World Wide Web, also more commonly known as the 'web'. It aims to provide the venturer with a wealth of resources left by those who have preceded him.

The web appears to every beholder in a different guise. It is therefor logical that every explorer will be able to detail only his personal voyage and will draw only his personal maps. For that reason it is that this guide aims not to provide with previously drawn maps and routes. Rather it seeks to provide with tools, methods and examples as ports to depart from.

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