Noise & Multiple Realities

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noise and multiple realities[edit]


Since "the Stone Age" human race start to learn how to using "tools" to conquer the nature. We keep going further and further... If we consider after the highly develop automatic machine and energy development in" Industrial age" as a satisfying result of conquer the nature. Then, move to the information age our wild ambition seems to be recreating the "world". Screen and audiovisual media generate other reality which inspired and mirrored from our material world. Images of the material world being digitalized and put online huge database. With the self-organized network. We got the chance to see the "world" and learn to love and hate through the screen from online database. We create an anther world, which is the copy or mirrored from our real world. In that copy version, everything we see is through complex combination of pixels and code. Thanks for the development of audiovisual technology, high resolution display screen finally reach the goal to provide the consumers the ultimate illusion that everything we experienced through the audiovisual screen as same as we experience the real world with our own sense. The idea of pixels start to fading away from our concepts. With the new developed system mountain lion apple company finally decide to take away idea of "pixel" from the screen display setting options, only left with adjustment bars and options of volume. Apple company believe that the resolution of the screen already high enough for consumers just immerse into the screen instead of worrying about the pixels.

In this article, I will investigate the fragmentation nature of those multiple realities, then explain the relation between those worlds and how they affect each other. And point out the noise we experience and scattered reality and separated self consciousness and identities.

My conclusion is that the dust and noise piling up in both realities (online and offline). The simulation and manipulation nature of those realities change into fragmentation. Facing extremely intense data and confined within a complex mixed reality which full of noise, what left to our psychological experience is silence and void. Without any focus and direction and expectation, we forgot what we were searching for, we just keep browsing into those noise. Expectation and context is absent, we feel totally detached from either world. Left in between, end up nowhere. Generated the sense of detachment from either worlds. Immerse into dust. We couldn't see. It weakened our sense organs. We are facing the void not freedom or self determination. We feel lose. And, this will go on. We have to accept the truth that the world we experienced not only "the one" any more. There no freedom neither imprison. All we got is extremely noisy and silence and void.

Outline and Qs:

1. New definition of noise.

2.Multiple realities-----simulation and emulation (web2.0 3.0 AR MR)

3.experiencing of loss reality.

4.Compare the dust in Hyperreality (online & on screen) dust in material world (off-line & off screen).

  A. The definition of dust in material world. 
  B. What is the data dust?
  C.What's the possibilities when we digitalized the dust from real world. Break it down to pixels   and manipulate it and reuse it to recreate a reality?
  D.What changed in the process. What the relation between the real dust stuck in between my sticky tape and those scanned and digitalized put on to the screen.
  E.Their material body and images in a virtual world.
  D.I will use the dust as an object to recreate my own version of reality.

5.Is that going to happen to us in the future that shatter ourselves' consciousness,personalities and identities into different copies for those multiple realities?