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Annet Dekker

Media Object: FUN

John Kormeling (, HaHa HiHi 1993

Happy Street World Expo Shanghai 2010.(Dutch Pavilion)


Olga Goriunova

organized together with Annett

Exhibition: Funware, 2010 -> 2011

Relation between Fun with humor

A type of fun that inspire thinking

the fun of making, of the process

Disruption of the status quo

Aram Bartholl - Highscreen (2011)

brining aspects the virtual world to the physical

do they became insignificant when brought to the physical space

how translations between one and the other bring a disjunction

(example of a physicalized twitter speech bubble which seems unusually revealing as a physical object / statement when worn as a badge)

Levels of of fun

Highscreen performance

works shown on discarded screens... !

the irony of digital art-works disregard by the art-world left in discarded screens (Constant Dullaart, 2010) (JODI, 1997)

C.R.E.A.M.(Evan Roth, 2010)

Then what is fun? where is the distingush between the fun and ironic?

the fun of making ...or being the first the smartest, the funinest

the fun of non sence

404: each number links to a separate screen: unread, reply, unsent

unread: maps input to display (filtering out vowels)

CGI script: commentary on censorship? or link to Dadaist traditions

unsent: a collection of the filtered vowels -- image of rabbits running !

Programming leads to Liberation of software?! / pure software

Use of punctuation marks by JODI, not with the same aim of Dadaists - accents and rhythms - by of Dadaists - accents and rhythms - by changing the appearance the meaning changes

Image: Pietro Saga, 1925 Typo-Plastique VII (De Stijl)

Super Mario Clouds (Cory Arcangel, 2002)

Distribution as GIF + Explanation with commentary/tutorial

Beige programming ensemble/collective

2 works that reveal the process, the architecture underneath it

showing the boredom and frustration of working beneath the surface

Both bringing something human to the computer. Make it really fun for those who are having the knowledge the machine functions.

Tension of popularisation: What role is expected/offered/required of a works viewer.... Fun of using / DIY (echoed in the documentation of Archangel's work -- left to the viewer to follow if they desire it)

Evan Roth

A collage of gifs - gifs as a form of mimes

Susan Blackmore


EAT: (1966)

China Channel Firefox add on - offers internet users the ability to surf the web as being in China - Bartholl, Roth, Leingruber

political viral presence - a possible way to move within the cooperate environment

Example of crowd-sourcing / viral data gathering and remixing

last examples... (Constant Dullaart, 2010)

Manipulation of defaults as a modes of work

Fun as absurd, impractical : but also positioning in surfclubs

Continuous stream of posts/commenting

The comment as an aesthetic tool to explore the digital...

About the shared/collective experience (aspect of "fun")

Constant Dullaart

youtube as a sculpture - a physical copy of the loading wheel

Versions at NIMK

Tension of competitiveness and sharing

The value of surfart in distribution... meaning through it's distribution

Acting on the commons and grounded in fun

Questions of authenticity and authorship

Online tradition of linking back to source ... but sometimes the response is more valuable

Iteration, versioning (within a community)... evaluability of web 2.0 ... potential movement from fun to mechanisms of control

what becomes originality?

commenting as a mechanism to communicate individuality

how does the final version of the works functions on its final context

Aesthetics of fun in production, but also distribution / sharing

The role of knowledge of the system and open source (and relation to sharability)

Infiltration of systems...

fun comments on otherwise uncritically used media systems

by disturbing the status quo as a means of exploring media at a profound level (but necessarily straightforward)

fun can only be understood when the system that it is attached to is also understood

the investigation of the medium can be seen as a critique on the mass, but informed use of medium

"tumblr art" vs. art on tumblr

platform vs. community

Web Stalker by Mongrel

Browser Art

go back to browser art!

you go back to browser art!

Let's just have a firefox skinning tutorial.