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My Definition of noise:[edit]

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For my own purpose and interest towards noise, I believe noise has three distinguishing features.

1. Fragmentation:

Every thing scattered into small scale or even micro scale.

=multiple reality. delusion.


Something don't belong to any exist architecture,structure, system and lose connection, communication to others.

=Absence of communication. Decentralized power.

3. True random.

Without any patterns and foreseeable repetition repetition.

=Unpredictable. Impossible to simulate by computer.

The combination of those tree features mentioned above, could generated a stauts of void(fragmentation), silence(isolation) and a sense of lost direction(delusion).

And this experience and phenomenon exist both aesthetically and psychologically.

The aesthetic of noise

Noise is something meaningless. However, when they gathered together in an intense way without any given structure. It will present an enhanced level or void and silence.

Within the infinite void we can reach imaginary beauty.

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